Persian and Ancient Oriental Rugs require delicate care and attention to their cleaning and care. Rightfully, all manufacturers recommend professional rug cleaning for this reason. At California Rug Cleaning we have come to specialize in cleaning and washing rugs made of all types of fiber content and dyes.

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Top Quality Work

With state of the art cleaning equipment, years of experience and knowledge, we have perfected our techniques to wash, extract water while protecting the color and drying rugs. Our business has been built upon the satisfaction of our customers for decades and we strive to continue our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Damaged Padding Replacement

This is where the RugSpa specializes in cleaning handmade, hand-knotted, luscious wool, silk Oriental and Persian rugs. We offer free estimates and personalized quotes so please contact us today.

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The top TEN reasons to choose California Rug Cleaning:

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  • 1. FREE Estimates
  • 2. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 3. Quick Dry–Prevent Mold & Odors
  • 4. Green Cleaning Products
  • 5. Provide Organic Shampoo
  • 6. Top Quality Work
  • 7. ALL Technicians Trained & Supervised
  • 8. Utilize Revolutionary Technology
  • 9. Damaged Padding Replacement
  • 10. Modern Cleaning Facility

Not every cleaning company works the same, so don’t take a risk with your valued rugs, the same reason we change our car oil to maintain performance for the long-term, we need to keep the rugs clean to prevent color change, fading, and deterioration. We always guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

With proper cleaning your Persian rug’s vivid color can be restored, even after all the shoes and foot traffic. It is important to note not every shampoo and cleaning agent can be used. Persian Rugs in particular should not be treated with commercial shampoos, stain removers, or any other product.